Our Services



All bookings begin with a free consultation. During this time we will visit your home to meet you and your pets. This gives everyone involved (including your pet) time to  get to know each other. We will also discuss the details of your booking and  present you with our insurance details. For dog walking, we require a short walk with you and your dog, preferably near traffic and then in a suitable area that the dog can be let off the lead (if relevant). We understand that it can be difficult handing your pet over to someone else, so we hope this consultation will provide you with reassurance that your animal is in safe hands.


We will provide you with updates on your pet while they are in our care. Whether you would like pictures, a quick text or a phone call we are happy to keep you up to date.



For dogs that are a little shy or less social we offer private walks and endeavour to take your pet to quieter walking areas.  These walks will be plenty of fun but without the stress associated with meeting new dogs.  Private walks also mean that your dog receives 100% of our attention so we can concentrate on reinforcing any training you may be working on.



Our group walks are limited to a maximum of four dogs. This allows us to give all of the dogs specific attention and work on any training that is needed while still allowing them to interact and play with their friends. These small groups can also be good for nervous dogs that may be overwhelmed by a larger group.  Our group walks last one hour, not including pick up and drop off. All dogs will travel in our van and have their own crate. Time and care is taken with every dog to ensure they are happy and comfortable travelling in such a way, as we understand that this is something they may never have experienced before.  



If you only require someone to pop in and feed the cat or let the dog out then a daily check in is for you. These bookings are for 30 minutes therefore we will not take any dogs for a walk but can let them out quickly, feed and play with them. The same applies for any other animals you may need checked on. This service is popular for people working that can not pop home to check on their animals.



Caring for and training a new puppy  takes up a lot of time and effort.  House training will be harder if they are left alone for long periods of time without the opportunity to go outside or release some playful energy. Therefore, we offer a Puppy Care service where we can drop by your house once or twice a day to check on your pup, let them out, play and reinforce any training you are are working on, as well as clear up any accidents that may have occurred.  The length of stay will depend on the training you would like us to help you with but typically lasts 30-45 minutes, allowing plenty play time.



Taking your pets to boarding kennels can be a stressful time for your animal and some pets do not adjust well to being in someone else's home. That is why we offer pet sitting in your home. We will stay at your home for the required time, making sure your pets are happy and well cared for  by sticking to their regular routine as much as possible.  It is important that your pet is familiar with us before we stay. Therefore, we require that dogs have been on a few walks prior to our visit and any other animal has spent some time with us.  You can contact us to discuss this in more detail and check the Rates page for prices.  



We offer short and long term care for exotic animals such as reptiles. We will discuss with you the type of animals and the specific needs of your pet before agreeing to any work. This will ensure that both parties are happy with the care being provided and that we have sufficient information to ensure we are the correct pet carer for you.



Is there something you require but isn't listed here? No worries, use our Contact page to enquire and we can discuss options.