About us


My name is Laura Dalgetty and I run Regent Pet Care. I have spent my life surrounded by pets of all kinds, from dogs and horses to gerbils and rats.  My love of animals has continued throughout my life and in 2009 I obtained a BSc in Zoology and in 2016 completed my Masters degree in Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law. I have also worked for organisations around the world caring for and studying wild animals. Animals are my passion  and I am dedicated to improving the welfare of our most beloved pets. Which is why I decided to start Regent Pet Care. 

We all live busy lives and unfortunately our pets occasionally suffer because of it, but with my help we can give your pet the best care. Whether you need someone to stop by once a day to feed the cat or stay at your home while you are on holiday, I am happy to help. Whatever you and your pets needs you can rest assured I will be there to help you both.  All of my work involves positive reinforcement techniques so that your pet enjoys their time with me as their welfare is my priority.


Registration and insurance

Regent Pet Care is fully insured and registered with Edinburgh City Council.

Regent Pet Care only covers the New Town area of Edinburgh